Ride Guidelines

♦ First and foremost welcome to the HMBA. The intention here is to provide Hampshire Masonic bikers, and anyone else fo that matter, along with their families and friends with a means to meet up from time to time and enjoy a ride, natter and a cuppa or beer maybe. Meeting times are the first Wednesday (in each month) evening 06:00pm for 06:30pm meeting at Kings Court car park. These meets are really for the summer months however we intend to keep the third Sunday morning (if possible in each month) 09:30am for 10:00am again meeting at Kings Court throughout the year when/where possible. The intention is to include riders of all abilities however some rides may be declared “progressive” as generally recognised by motocycle organisations. Although these start times are fixed for consistency reasons and are at the core of our aspirations (everybody always know when we are going to meet) that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a ride at any other time. In fact ideas/suggestions from one and all are encouraged and welcomed. So always check and see if there is a scheduled ride at any one time by emailing kev.parsons@hmba-webandbb.org

♦ Each rider is, of course, responsible for their own safety and of course the safety of those around them.

♦ Safe riding in accordance with the Law, the Highway Code, the IAM RoadSmart guidelines is to be encouraged at all times.

♦ It’s important that each rider understands that he/she are riding under their own insurance.

♦ Comply with all Road Traffic Laws at all times.

♦ Machines should be road legal and in good working order at the time of any ride hopefully having previously performed a “POWER” check (Petrol, Oil, Water, Electrics and Rubber).

♦ Good protective riding equipment/clothing is not mandatory but vigorously encouraged for all riders and their pillions.

♦ The run leader on the day will carry out a pre-ride briefing to include safety, the route and “Marker System” if it’s going to be employed.

♦ The run leader and the back marker, if employed on the day cannot be held responsible for other rider’s actions.

♦ Where a ride is declared “progressive” riders should have good road and cycle skills as implied by the IAM RoadSmart. Progressive means a safe systematic and progressive ride in all but unsafe conditions on all types of roads and for sustained periods. If you are not entirely comfortable with the thought of a “progressive” ride then please let run leader know and we’ll adjust accordingly. It is not the intention to put any rider under pressure to perform beyond their abilities. It is our intention to encourage a safe systematic ride whilst being on the lookout to make progress where we can. We can and probably will revisit the route at a later date and maybe tackle it a different way who knows it’s our ride we’ll do what we fancy.

♦ Please arrive with a full tank of fuel having previously performed a “POWER” check. The Shell station near to Kings Court has fuel prices not too dissimilar to ASDA, if that’s your bent.

♦ Dependent upon the number of riders and possibly the type of run (sedate perhaps) the run leader may adopt the route “Marker System” as successfully championed by the IAM RoadSmart. If this is used a back marker will be appointed and he will remain in this position for the duration of the ride. Again this will be fully explained at each ride by the run leader of the day.

♦ Please remember that our aim is to enjoy our motorcycling as useful compliant members of society whilst promoting freemasonry in the best possible light.

♦ Live to ride and ride to live, :o) KP